electrical Panel Change Outs
in Orange & Bridge city, TX

Electrical Panel Change Outs
Give Your System an Upgrade

Update Your Orange & Bridge City, Tx Home By Changing Out Your Electrical Panel

Electrical problems can be pretty inconvenient. Perhaps there aren’t enough outlets available to charge your many devices. Maybe your system can’t handle the addition of the new appliance you just purchased. Whatever the electrical issue, you can count on Stakes Electric of Orange, TX to get to the bottom of your problems. If your electrical panel is outdated, we can complete change-outs for your home or large commercial property.

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3 Signs Your Property Is Due For A Panel Change-out

If you’re constantly dealing with electrical issues, it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel. Here are a few signs you may be in the market for a panel change-out:

  1. Your circuit breakers trip on a regular basis.
  2. Your lights flicker when you power on large appliances.
  3. Your space does not have enough electrical outlets for your needs.
Share your electrical troubles with Stakes Electric, and we’ll determine if you need to change out your panel.
Electrical Panel Change Outs